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Anti-Vibration Mats & Structural Protection Mats

Anti-Vibration Mats & Structural Protection Mats

  • F4_Alle
    from £7.99 incl. VAT

    Anti-vibration Mat | Suitable for Washing Machines | Soundproof Mat | Customised Size

    Anti-vibration Mat - Soundproofing Multipurpose Made to Measure Matting 4 mm The anti-vibration mat in four thicknesses is characterised by high l...

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  • F2_Alle
    from £13.99 incl. VAT

    Anti-vibration Mat as Non-slip Underlay | Vibration-Damping & Sound-Insulating | Thickness: 3 mm

    Anti-Vibration Rubber Mat - 3 mm Thick - Multipurpose With the anti-vibration rubber mat made of 100% rubber, you get an absolute all-rounder. Whe...

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  • G1_Alle
    from £5.99 incl. VAT

    Rubber Matting Rolls | Smooth SBR | 9 Thicknesses: 1 - 12 mm | Customised Size

    SBR Smooth Rubber Matting Sheets - Custom Size in Thicknesses: 1 - 12 mm The solid SBR rubber sheets are suitable for various applications. Due to ...

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  • F1_Alle
    £21.99 incl. VAT

    Terrace Pad for Structural Protection | Roll | Length: 10 m | Width: 8 cm

    Terrace Pad - Structural Protection - Cargo Mat 8 cm Wide Our anti-slip terrace pad called "Cargo Mat 7210" ensure a better standing of the transpo...

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  • F1_Alle
    £16.99 incl. VAT

    Anti-slip Matting Roll | for Load Securing | Width: 150 mm

    Anti-slip Matting Rolls for Load Securing - 5 mm Thickness The anti-slip load securing mat ensures better standing of the transport goods. The mat...

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  • F1_Alle
    from £10.99 incl. VAT

    Antivibration Matting | Protection Mat | Shock Absorbing | Sound Insulation | UV-Resistant

    Shock Absorbing Building Protection Mats - 4 Thicknesses (5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 19.7 mm) The classic field of application for building protection mat...

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Anti-vibration Mats and Structural Protection Matting

Anti-vibration mats are best suited for areas susceptible to vibration and high levels of sound. Made from 100% high-density recycled rubber granulate, our anti-vibration mats are offered in thicknesses between 5 - 20 mm. Due to their properties, these mats are most commonly used for building structure protection, roof protection, solar installation, car parks and appliance installations. At home, they are also used for washing machines, hobby rooms, and gyms.

As a washing machine mat, the anti-vibration mats are able to compensate and absorb vibrations and sound, preventing movement and noise level of your washing machine. With a range of standard sizes and cut to size options, these mats are ideal for a range of projects and applications. In commercial settings, the anti-vibration mats are used as insulation and vibration-canalling mats underneath pumps, air conditioning units or electronic systems. Anti-vibration mats are also used underneath gym fitness machines or as an underlayer for gym flooring.

With thermal resistance ranging from -30° C to +80° C, this shock-absorbing matting can be used in all weather conditions and is suited for domestic and commercial applications. They also feature resistance to oil and added protection from mould.