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Rubber Mats

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In any commercial setting, having the right equipment is essential for business. At Flodi, we offer a wide range of rubber matting and flooring products to suit a variety of commercial settings. Our vast range provides solutions for a range of sectors and has been a trusted provider of flooring and matting solutions for many years.

High Quality Rubber Mats at Affordable Prices

Safety and security should be your main priority regarding flooring in the workplace. The added benefit at Flodi is we offer a wide range of rubber matting at the most competitive prices. Made from high quality materials, our products ensure safety and comfort in the workplace and help improve overall productivity. Our products are categorised and can be filtered to make it easier for you to find what you need. Our products range from rubber matting for structural protection, rubber flooring, gym flooring, and anti-fatigue rubber to agriculture mats. While we offer a range of standard-size rubber products, many of our rubber rolls are offered in custom sizes, so you can pick the exact size you require. Non-slip and resilient rubber runners and rubber floor mats are ideal workplace mats in your desired size. A floor covering made of soft rubber is easy on the joints and puts less strain on the muscle. Rubber runners also dampen impact and are ideal for construction and building renovations.

Most rubber runners are slightly textured and provide optimal slip resistance. Rubber also offers natural water repellant properties, making it perfect for use in most outdoor settings. Choose from a range of rubber mats and find the size perfect for your application.