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Anti-slip Wet Area Matting

Anti-slip Wet Area Matting

  • F1_Black Yellow
    from £49.99 incl. VAT

    Anti-slip Mats Multi-Grip | Antibacterial | 13.5 mm Thick

    Anti-slip Workplace Mats "Multi-Grip" - Antibacterial Matting Due to its exceptional drainage capabilities, this mat is ideally suited for use in ...

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  • T1_Light blue
    from £16.99 incl. VAT

    Hygiene Matting | Anti-slip Wet Area Mat for Barefoot | UV-resistant | Customised Size

    Wet Area Hygiene Mat for Barefoot - "Anti-Slip" in a Range of Colours, 2 Widths Antibacterial and non-slip swimming pool and sauna runner When desi...

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  • F1_Blue | Blue
    £21.99 incl. VAT

    Commercial Drainage Floor Matting | Z-Mat | Hygienic and Wet Areas | Customised Size | Many Colours

    Z-Mat Wet Area Matting - Versatile Non-slip Hygiene Flooring In Different Colours The Z-Mat is ideal for wet areas such as canteen kitchens, saunas...

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Anti-slip Wet Area Drainage Matting

Wet area drainage matting is a must-have flooring essential for areas with high amounts of water and moisture. Whether for industrial sites, changing rooms or swimming pool surrounds, the perforated structure of this matting ensures that all moisture can easily drain away while providing anti-slip protection. The drainage matting is also sound absorbent and UV resistant.

Drainage matting from Flodi offers a range of options to ensure your employees or customers stay safe and protected. Made from high-quality plastics, the soft matting structure can soften vibrations and make standing and walking easier on the joints. Soft and pliable, these high-quality floor grates are ideal workplace mats for damp areas and also make beautiful floor coverings for changing rooms and swimming pools. Whether you require drainage matting for a small changing room or a long runner for your production line, you can be sure to find the right solution with our range of custom-size products.