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Stair Treads

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Indoor Stair Tread Mats, Decorative and Inexpensive

Indoor stair mats provide both design and safety to your staircase. Indoor stair tread mats cover wooden and stone steps and prevent accidents while providing a soft surface underfoot. Made from high-quality synthetic fibres or natural sisal fibres, indoor stair mats are a true adornment for any staircase. In addition to the design, our stair mats offer the best function and performance. Each indoor stair mat is finished with a durable woven edging, which prevents fraying and ensures long-term reliability. To ensure a secure hold to your step, our indoor stair mats are fitted with a solid securing profile located on the overhang and a durable adhesive strip for fixing to the step. Once the mats are in place, they ensure a lasting hold for years to come.

Outdoor Stair Treads - For Optimal Stair Safety in All Weather

Whether rain, snow or icy conditions, a durable, slip-resistant surface makes all the difference when climbing up or down stairs. Outdoor stair treads ensure optimal safety in all conditions and provide a lasting solution all year round. Our range of outdoor stair tread mats offers solutions for all outdoor steps. Outdoor stair mats made of rubber, metal or plastic composites are specially designed to withstand all weather conditions. To prevent movement, most outdoor stair mats are fitted with an adhesive strip, allowing for quick and straightforward installation. Alternatively, the mats can be screwed in place for long-term use. We also offer a range of rubber stair mats which lay directly on top of the steps - requiring no installation.

Stair Tread Nosing Profiles - The Professional Finish For Steps

Stair nosing profiles are available in a variety of lengths and designs and provide a neat and professional finish for all stair types. Stair nosings not only work on stairs but can also be used on step edges in other settings. Stair profiles commonly serve as a reliable finish for terrace decking, stages and patios. Due to their resilience and anti-slip properties, stair nosings prevent damage from general wear and tear and provide extra safety when climbing stairs. Depending on the intended use, stair nosing profiles are available in designs such as F-shaped or L-shaped. For installation, we have options for drilling, as well as self-adhesive stair nosings, which allow for a quick installation.

At FLODI!, we offer Europe's most extensive selection of stair tread mats, so you can be sure to find the perfect solution to match your home. Whether carpeted, woven or rubber, we offer a range of stair mats suited for every setting.