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Anti-slip Mats Multi-Grip | Antibacterial | 13.5 mm Thick

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£49.99 incl. VAT
4 x 9,99 € = 39,96 €

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  • Made of durable and hard-wearing PVC
  • Non-slip back for lying firmly on the floor
  • Enables relaxed as well as safe work
  • Flame retardant
  • Optimal drainage effect
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Anti-slip Workplace Mats "Multi-Grip" - Antibacterial Matting

Due to its exceptional drainage capabilities, this mat is ideally suited for use in areas with high volumes of oils and liquid spillage. The mat also offers a cushioning surface that allows employees to work without fatigue and damaging their joints. Another safety-relevant feature is the slip-resistant surface which keeps slip accidents to a minimum. In particularly damp work areas, the drainage of liquids must also be ensured so that no slippery oils or other materials can accumulate on the work mat.

The custom-made anti-slip mat "Multi-Grip" fulfils these requirements perfectly. In addition to excellent grip, the surface of elastic PVC strips offers good damping properties during movements and causes noticeable relief to the body during work. The net-like texture also has another advantage: it is responsible for the excellent drainage effect and allows liquids to flow off the floor grating quickly and reliably. The plastic grating convinces overall with its versatility and robustness. The anti-slip mat is not only resistant to chemicals and oils but is also flame-retardant and has an antibacterial property. With the help of the separately available cross and 90-degree connectors, the non-slip floor grating can be extended and joined to form a large-format workplace. In this way, even larger areas can be covered with the anti-slip work mat.

Care instructions: The plastic grating can be easily cleaned with a hose or a scrubbing brush.

Anti-slip mats "Multi-Grip" - Product features:

  • Material top side: PVC
  • Thickness: 13.5 mm
  • Profile width: approx. 7 mm
  • Profile spacing: approx. 6 mm
  • Profile run: lengthwise
  • Weight: 6.8 kg/m²
  • Slip resistance R10 according to DIN 51130 and BGR 181
  • Fire protection class cfl-s1
  • RoHS compliant
  • Antibacterial nature
  • UV resistant
  • Available widths: 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm
  • Available lengths: 100 cm to 1000 cm (for 60 cm and 90 cm width), 100 cm to 600 cm (for 120 cm width)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jens-Uwe Smolin
Very good product, fast delivery

I am very satisfied with the transaction. I ordered the mats to measure, a few days later, the mats were there, fit exactly and look good. I needed the mats for my two vans for the cargo space. Nothing slips back and forth and the look is very good. Payment by invoice is okay, although I would have preferred PayPal. All in all a very successful thing. Thanks