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Anti-fatigue Mat | Heavy-Duty Tire Tuff | Grey | Double-Layer | Joint-Protecting Workplace Mat

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£65.99 incl. VAT
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  • Quality product for high demands
  • Two-layer structure
  • TireTuff textured surface
  • Relief for joints and spine
  • Fire protection class B1 (flame retardant)
Product details

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Anti-fatigue Workplace mats Heavy-Duty TireTuff - Grey

The two-layer workplace mats Heavy-Duty Tire Tuff ensure that workplaces in industry and commercial areas are not only safer but also considerably more comfortable. Available in three standard sizes, the ergonomic mats can withstand even high stresses and are characterised by their high quality and durability.

The foamed vinyl in the lower part of the anti-fatigue workplace mats provides a balanced damping effect. It absorbs movement and impact energy and thus relieves joints and the spine. In addition to increased employee motivation, the result is significantly increased productivity in the long term. The 4.4 mm thick vinyl layer on the top of the workplace mats consists of a dense microstructure and is laminated. This extremely abrasion-resistant protective and useful surface of the mats provides a secure footing and is also resistant to moisture and many chemicals. Bevelled edges at the edges make it possible to drive over the workplace mats with trolleys or transport carts.

Care instructions: To ensure that the workplace mats can perform their service for a long time, they should be cleaned in good time with a broom or hoover, and in the case of heavier soiling with a water hose and a suitable cleaning agent.

Product characteristics of the workplace mats:

  • Materials: Vinyl surface and PVC foam
  • Construction: Dual Layer
  • Surface: Tire-Tuff structure
  • Material thickness: approx. 13 mm
  • Dimensions: 60x90 cm, 90x150 cm, 90x305 cm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: approx. 7.5 kg
  • Slip resistance: R10 - DIN 51130
  • Fire protection class: B1 - DIN 4102
  • Abrasion resistance: 85 Shore-A
  • Edges: sloping
  • Resistant to many chemicals

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Damping mat has exceeded expectations

On the hard concrete floor, which is only covered with a needle felt, working behind the sales counter was very painful for feet and back. A few weeks now there is now the damping mat, and from the feeling you run like on soft forest floor. The delivery took place very quickly, everything was well packaged. Clear purchase recommendation and thumb up!