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Anti-slip Universal | Self-Adhesive | Available in Rolls

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Select Colour:Yellow
Select Size:25 mm x 18.3 m
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  • Various widths
  • Quick, simple assembly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable hold
  • High quality material

Anti-slip Self-Adhesive Warning Tape - Various Colours and Widths

The anti-slip tape in strip form is ideally suited for the simple and quick elimination of slip hazards in the warehouse, order picking or on production lines. The anti-slip strips have a permanent anti-slip coating perfect for places that pose a permanent risk of accidents due to slipping. The self-adhesive anti-slip tape greatly reduces the risk of accidents. The anti-slip covering is particularly suitable for small places such as steps, ladders, landings and scaffolding that need to be made safe. You can cut the anti-slip covering individually into strips.

The anti-slip tape is self-adhesive and available in various colours and widths. It can be stuck to almost all surfaces (e.g. wood, concrete, tiles, laminate, stone, metal, ceramics). The anti-slip tape is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, UV resistant and absolutely hard-wearing. The transparent anti-slip tape is often used in the private sector, e.g. to make stairs unobtrusively anti-slip. Of course, it can also be used in trade and industry. The coloured anti-slip tapes are perfect for use in industry, trade and public buildings. Because of the colouring, they already warn visually of the slippery stair tread or the slippery floor. Anti-slip strips are also ideal for marking entrances and exits on buses or trains and protecting against possible slip accidents.

The matching installation instructions for the anti-slip tape are included.

Anti-slip covering - product features:

  • Material: PVC, alumina grit
  • Alumina grit: fine - medium, approx. 60 grit
  • Available colours: yellow, grey, red, black, signal yellow, transparent
  • Available widths (in mm): 19, 25, 50, 100, 150
  • Available length: 18.3 m
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable hold due to strong adhesive
  • Non-slip
  • Application: indoor and outdoor

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Functionality and appearance good

I bought the anti -slip covering transparently in the color. My parents have an almost always smooth outer staircase. In order to counteract this known problem, I bought and attached the anti -slip foil. The color is subtle and the steps are no longer life -threatening slippery. So everything as it should be.

B. from N.
Anti-slip tape

Product itself is absolutely recommended.
Unfortunately, the packaging was so poor that I had to throw away the first meter of the roll (two windings) !!!

Anti-slip covering universal | self-adhesive | roll goods

Top goods, fast delivery

Anja Hocker
Anti-slip tape

Very good goods when attaching so rough that a little fingers suffer.
Severing just like that, it is default not to slip out.
Very satisfied thank you

Anti-slip mat universal, transparent | self-adhesive | roll goods

Problem -free ordering and delivery by flodi.
The stripes have been glued to smoothly polished marble floor panels outdoors, which are very slippery in the event of moisture - so far the anti -slip measure has been well.
The applying effortlessly; Role goods can be cut into desired lengths with normal scissors.
The product is highly recommended for this purpose.