Anti-static Floor Protection Chair Mats | Performa | for Hard Floors

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  • Made of durable polycarbonate
  • First class protection for hard floors
  • No electrostatic charge
  • Transparent material
  • Noise-insulating and flame-retardant

Antistatic Chair Mat - Transparent Floor Protection Floor Mat for Hard Floors

To prevent high-quality hard floor such as parquet, laminate and floorboards from being damaged or wearing out prematurely as a result of everyday wear and tear, they need adequate protection. If you want to do something good not only for your floor covering but also for yourself, our antistatic floor mat is ideal for this purpose because the floor protection mat keeps unwanted electrostatic voltage discharges at bay.

The transparent antistatic floor mat makes it possible to discreetly protect floor coverings from dirt and mechanical effects caused by chair casters, high heels or everyday objects falling to the floor. What makes the mat special, however, is its antistatic nature. This means that there is no electrostatic charge either when rolling with the desk chair or when stepping on the mat. Thanks to this extraordinarily positive property, door handles or metallic desk utensils can be touched without worrying about the notorious electrostatic discharge. The antistatic floor mat made of high-quality polycarbonate does not emit any material and is therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, it convinces with its impact sound insulating effect and its low flammability.

The antistatic floor mat is suitable for use in laboratories and workshops where voltage-sensitive equipment or workpieces are worked with. For cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe down with a damp cloth and light cleaning agent.

Antistatic floor mat - product features:

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Antistatic floor mat tested according to EN 1815 by EPH GmbH Dresden
  • Chair castor resistant according to DIN 68131
  • Noise-insulating
  • Highly flammable according to DIN 4102/B1

Customer Reviews

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Karin Herrmann
Floor protection mats for hard floors First Class

Very satisfied with delivery and quality of the goods!

Very good product and fast shipping

Great description and very good price-performance ratio.

good quality, high satisfaction, good price/performance ratio

Delivery ok, description of the goods corresponds to the expectations, would order the article again. I would be very welcome to order the possibility of ordering individual other dimensions (e.g. 280 cm x 320 cm).

quod erat demonstrandum

The 120x180 matte protects my parking off from the gamingseat with computer and facility next to it. I can't say something about the anti -static peculiarities, but the rest like shipping with packaging, quality of the goods and service at the short phone call were very good. Visibility of the soil through the mat and the price for the size is also fine. If I need a protective mat again, I will probably get it here again.

Luisa B.
Floor protection mats

Shipping and packaging were exemplary. The mat is completely planned and the run over the edges is not a problem either. No slipping or getting stuck. Stability and processing first class, but of course you can only report in some time about wear or wear.
However, the price is completely appropriate for the size and quality of the mat.