Bamboo Canes Bahia | Natrual Bamboo Canes for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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  • Many sizes and thicknesses
  • Sustainable material
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • A wide range of uses
  • Individually cut to size

Natural Bamboo Canes "Bahia" - available in 5 sizes - 6 to 20 pieces

Bamboo - one of the most sustainable and diverse raw materials in the world

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and, therefore, one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. Belonging to the sweet grass family, it lignifies during its growth, making it an extremely reliable and robust building material. In traditional Asian horticulture, bamboo is still an important design element today. The possibilities for using the aesthetic building element seem unlimited.

Use of bamboo poles - indoor:

The uses of the "Bahia" bamboo poles are as diverse as the bamboo itself. As a decorative element, the bamboo poles exude a Far Eastern flair. Still, it is also ideal as a craft material to conjure up baskets, light elements or other storage options.

Use as plant supports - outdoor:

The bamboo poles are instrumental in the garden or on the balcony. They are used as climbing aids, flower and tomato poles, plant supports or as plant scaffolding. But you can also use the "Bahia" bamboo poles to create an individually designed fence or privacy screen. Be creative and let the natural building material inspire you.

Please note that bamboo is a natural product. Each bamboo cane is therefore unique in its composition. For this reason, our photos are only intended as a guide. Colour and structural deviations are possible to a certain extent. But this is precisely what makes the building material bamboo so interesting.

Bamboo poles "Bahia" - Product features:

  • Material: 100% natural bamboo
  • Available lengths (in cm): 60, 90, 120, 150, 180
  • Diameter (in mm): 8-10 (60 and 90 cm length), 10-12 (120 cm length), 12-14 (150 cm length), 14-16 (200 cm length)
  • Number of bamboo sticks per sales unit: 20 pieces (lengths 60 and 90 cm), 10 pieces (lengths 120 and 150 cm), 6 pieces (length 180 cm)
  • Can also be cut to size yourself if required
  • Sustainable raw material

Customer Reviews

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Handicraft friend

The artificial turf surprised us positively, we are disappointed by the bamboo sticks, 8 of the 20 pieces were not usable, they are crumbled when you look at.

Bamboo poles, 1.80 long

Beautiful stuck quickly delivered, everything is fine!

Clay sticks

I use the rods in my garden in a classic way for my tomatoes. Product is good, delivery took place quickly. Everything great!