A2_Light grey/Grey/Cream
F1_Light grey/Grey/Cream
F2_Light grey/Grey/Cream
F3_Light grey/Grey/Cream
A1_Light grey/Grey/Cream
A3_Light grey/Grey/Cream
F1_Dark grey/Grey/Light grey
F2_Dark grey/Grey/Light grey
F3_Dark grey/Grey/Light grey
A1_Dark grey/Grey/Light grey
A2_Dark grey/Grey/Light grey
A3_Dark grey/Grey/Light grey
F1_Silver grey/Taupe/Grey
F2_Silver grey/Taupe/Grey
F3_Silver grey/Taupe/Grey
A1_Silver grey/Taupe/Grey
A2_Silver grey/Taupe/Grey
A3_Silver grey/Taupe/Grey
F1_Dark grey/Silver grey/Blue grey
F2_Dark grey/Silver grey/Blue grey
F3_Dark grey/Silver grey/Blue grey
A1_Dark grey/Silver grey/Blue grey
A2_Dark grey/Silver grey/Blue grey
A3_Dark grey/Silver grey/Blue grey

Bath Mat Carpet Rug | Horizont | Modern Bath Mat Design | Anti-slip Backing | Washable

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Select Colour:Light grey/grey/cream
Select Size:50 x 80 cm
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  • Anti-slip TPR back
  • 100% polyester
  • Quick drying pile
  • Available in different sizes
  • Modern design

Bath Mat "Horizont" Carpet Rug - 4 Colours, 3 Sizes

Our modern "Horizont" bath mat carpet rug in an appealing design is available in three different sizes and is ready to fill your bathroom with life. In addition to the visual enhancement, our bath rug provides a soft and soothing welcome after showering thanks to its matching colour combinations and fine microfibres, thus prolonging your feel-good experience. Thanks to different sizes, you can use our bath rug as a small shower mat or a large bath mat. The non-slip backing prevents the rug from slipping unintentionally and thus provides a secure footing after showering. As our bath rug dries quickly, it can be used in any bathroom and is a stylish and functional accessory.

Bath rug "Horizont" - Product features:

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Pile height: approx. 12-13 mm
  • Pile weight: approx. 900 g/m²
  • Available sizes: 50 x 80 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 70 x 100 cm
  • Total weight: 1500 g/m²
  • Back: TPR
  • Non-slip back