A1_Rust Brown | Rust Brown 91A
A1_Denim blue | Denim blue
Carpet Tiles Vienna | 50 x 50 cm | Self Laying
Carpet Tiles Vienna | 50 x 50 cm | Self Laying
A1_Red striped | Red striped
F1_Anthracite | Anthracite
F2_Anthracite | Anthracite
F3_Anthracite | Anthracite
F4_Anthracite | Anthracite
F1_Anthracite striped | Anthracite striped
F1_Light brown | Light brown
F2_Light brown | Light brown
F3_Light brown | Light brown
F4_Light brown | Light brown
F1_Brown striped | Brown striped
F2_Brown striped | Brown striped
F3_Brown striped | Brown striped
F4_Brown striped | Brown striped
F5_Brown striped | Brown striped
F6_Brown striped | Brown striped
F1_Dark brown | Dark brown
F2_Dark brown | Dark brown
F3_Dark brown | Dark brown
F4_Dark brown | Dark brown
F1_Beige | Beige
F2_Beige | Beige
F3_Beige | Beige
F4_Beige | Beige
F1_Anthracite striped | Anthracite striped
F2_Anthracite striped | Anthracite striped
A3_Anthracite striped | Anthracite striped
A1_Anthracite striped | Anthracite striped
A2_Anthracite striped | Anthracite striped
F1_Light grey | Light grey
F3_Light grey | Light grey
F4_Light grey | Light grey
F2_Light grey | Light grey
A2_Light grey | Light grey
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F2_Grey | Grey
F3_Grey | Grey
F4_Grey | Grey
A1_Blue striped | Blue striped
F1_Blue striped | Blue striped
F2_Blue striped | Blue striped
F3_Blue striped | Blue striped
F4_Blue striped | Blue striped
F1_Denim blue | Denim blue
F2_Denim blue | Denim blue
F1_Green | Green
F1_Grey striped | Grey striped
F2_Green | Green
F3_Green | Green
F4_Green | Green
A1_Grey striped | Grey striped
F2_Grey striped | Grey striped
A2_Grey striped | Grey striped
F2_Grey striped | Grey striped
F1_Red striped | Red striped
F2_Red striped | Red striped
F3_Red striped | Red striped
A2_Red striped | Red striped
F1_Red | Red
F2_Red | Red
F3_Red | Red
F4_Red | Red

Carpet Tiles Vienna | 50 x 50 cm | Self Laying

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  • High quality loop pile
  • Robust and hard wearing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Also commercially usable
  • Can be combined as desired

Free Laying Carpet Tiles "Vienna" With Loop Pile - 14 colours

These free-laying carpet tiles allow for a simple and easy flooring solution, with no handyman skills or special equipment required. Your rooms can be covered in minutes with new fully-fledged carpet.

The carpet tiles can be loose laid in no time, and easily removed without leaving any residue. In contrast to carpeting, they are easy to handle and can be cut to size with a craft knife as necessary. Once the carpet tiles have taken their place on the floor, they convince with several comfort features. The hard-wearing polypropylene tiles not only provide a pleasant surface underfoot but also provide antistatic and sound-absorbent properties. In addition, the carpet tiles can be used without hesitation on floors with underfloor heating.

The hard-wearing pile of these inexpensive carpet tiles corresponds to use class 31 and fire class Cfl-s1, meaning they can be laid in commercially used rooms such as offices, meeting rooms or hotel rooms without hesitation. No matter where the floor covering is used - the tiles can easily withstand even heavier loads and are easy to clean. And if one of the carpet tiles becomes so dirty that it can no longer be removed, the tile can be replaced with a new one in no time at all.

Care instructions: To ensure that the free-laying carpet tiles retain a beautiful long-term appearance, they should be vacuumed regularly. Stains on the carpet tiles should be treated as quickly as possible with a general carpet cleaning solution.

Carpet tiles Vienna - product features:

  • Size: 50x50 cm
  • Tufted loop pile
  • Pile material: polypropylene
  • Backing: Bitumen, slip-resistant
  • Weight: 3700 g/m²
  • Total thickness: approx. 6 mm
  • Use class 31, suitable for commercial areas
  • Fire class: Cfl-s1
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Antistatic

Self-lying carpet tiles with slip-resistant backing. Can be bonded with double-sided adhesive tape for heavy use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Bernd Z.

In the anteroom of our house, a few floor tiles had raised, no idea why.
In any case, we were standing again before the alternative or something else. And there we have
flodi found. Dimensions recorded, 2 suitable colors and floor coverings are selected,
Ordered and in a very short time the delivery came. Since we are 2 more smaller dirt traps
The entrance area now looks like a picture of Piet Mondrian and everyone who visits us
Is pleasantly impressed by this special flair.

Tiles Vienna

Great quality-fast delivery-looks really great !!!
Gladly again....

Very good product

The self -lying carpet tiles Vienna inspired me. The sophisticated strip pattern I chose does not come up with the idea that it could be tiles because the contours are dissolved. The look is very appealing, but the laying on the completely smooth and perfectly prepared floor was child's play. The tiles were easy to cut, even on problematic corners and slopes. Of course, I can't say anything about sensitivity, durability and lighting chicken. In any case, the impression is very good. I laid the tiles two offices, once in gray, once stripped into blue, that fits together and everyone is thrilled.
The delivery took place in boxes, which was just unproblematic and timely as well as the simple ordering process.

very pleased

I am very satisfied and can only recommend flodi and the carpet tiles Vienna. I have laid out the attic with its many angles and corners and I am also happy about the good impact sound damping despite the not quite thick tiles (because of the doors, thicker tiles were not possible).
Order and delivery were completely unproblematic and surprisingly fast.

Ute Z.
Self laying tiles

The floor in our office had to be renovated. No problem with these tiles, quality is right and look very good.