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Commercial Door Mat | Spectral | Aluminium Door Mat In Various Designs

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Select Variant:Textile fibre rep
Select Size:47 x 68 cm
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  • Rustproof and weatherproof
  • With textile rips and / or brushes
  • Non-slip underside
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in 3 sizes

Commercial Aluminium Door Mat "Spectral" in Various Designs

Elegance and excellent cleaning performance combined in one doormat. These are our aluminium door mats "Spectral". Choose between four variants for the inlay: Textile rips, brushes, textile rips combined with brushes as well as PVC/brush. Such profile mats not only have the demanding task of keeping dirt and moisture out of interiors, but should also be pleasing to the eye. The robust yet elegant aluminium door mats more than meet these requirements. The high-quality aluminium frame rounds off the tasteful design.

The aluminium door mats are available with different inlays in the sizes 47 x 68 cm, 54 x 83 cm and 68 x 98 cm. To clean the aluminium doormats, the inlays can be easily removed and dirt removed by tapping or vacuuming.

You have the choice: brushes, textile strips or both

Whether you want to protect your premises from very coarse dirt or normally dirty and wet shoe soles, you can get the Spectral doormats in three designs.

Bevelled edges on all four sides

Another important detail: the Spectral mats have a bevelled edge on all four sides. On the one hand, there is no risk of tripping and, on the other hand, the entrance mats can also be easily driven over with prams, handcarts or walkers.

Aluminium door mats - product features

  • Material: aluminium, hard rubber brushes, needle felt
  • Surface structure / inlay: textile strips, hard rubber brushes, PVC
  • Removable inlay
  • Bottom: anti-slip and sound-reducing PE foam
  • Height: approx. 1.5 cm
  • Tarnished edge: circumferential
  • Colours: Anthracite, black
  • Sizes: 47 x 68 cm, 54 x 83 cm and 68 x 98 cm
  • Rust-free, weather- and UV-resistant
  • Application: indoor as well as outdoor
  • Floor heating: suitable