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Dirt Trapper Entrance Floor Mat | Monochrome | Brilliant Colours | For Indoor & Outdoor

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Select Colour:Black
Select Width:90 cm
Sale price£32.99incl. VAT
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  • Excellent dirt pick up
  • Washable at 30° C and suitable for tumble drying
  • High-quality high-twist nylon pile
  • Non-slip vinyl back
  • Solution-dyed fibres prevent fading

Dirt Trapper Entrance Mat "Monochrome" - Stopping Dirt Before it Reaches Your Floor!

An attractive appearance and maximum functionality are combined in the Monochrom dirt trapper entrance mat. Available in many discreet or also strong colours, your entrance areas are kept clean in style.

Maximum Cleaning Performance for Safe and Clean Floors

The Monochrome dirt-trapping mat pile is made of high-quality High-Twist-Nylon (HTN) fibres, which are highly effective due to their brush-like structure. Dirt and moisture are removed from shoes and then held between the fibres. Thanks to this, the dirt trapper mat fibres do not become saturated, and their cleaning effect is maintained. The entrance mat can also absorb up to 3 kg/m² of liquid and other dirt. Thanks to the slip-proof vinyl backing, the mat remains firmly in place once laid and will not skid or move underfoot.

Durably Brilliant Colours Under Heavy Use

The extremely hard-wearing fibres are solution-dyed and completely colourfast. Even under heavy use or the influence of sunlight, the beautiful colour of the doormat is retained.

The Monochrome take little care and can be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and dust. For heavier soiling it is machine washable at up to 30° C

Note: Please note that our custom-made dirt-trapping mat Monochrome has no rubber edges on its cut edges.

Dirt-trapping Entrance Mat Monochrome - Product features:

  • Pile material: polyamide
  • Pile: high-twist nylon
  • Fibres: solution-dyed
  • Rubber edge: only on long sides
  • Tread width: approx. 20 mm
  • Total height: approx. 5.5 mm
  • Backing material: vinyl
  • Property: antistatic
  • Washability: machine washable up to 30° C
  • Floor heating: suitable
  • Colour fastness to light: DIN54004
  • Colour fastness to water: ISO 105E01
  • Heat transmission: DIN 52612
  • Impact sound insulation: ISO 140.8
  • Fire class: Efl

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Everything top!

Purchase processing and quality top. You can suck super clean!

Everything great!

Everything was great!

TOP article

Qualitatively super high quality and at a fair price. Always my pleasure!!!

Frank Helfert

Here shopping is fun, quick delivery, top quality!

Very good price/performance ratio and fast delivery.

We have ordered a black mat in a larger format. The mat was delivered immediately and we were previously kept up to date on the status of the order and delivery. The mat meets our requirements, looks good and hopefully lasts very long ;-)