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Dirt Trapper Entrance Floor Mat | SKY Colour | Coloured Rubber | For Indoor And Outdoor Use

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Select Colour:Green
Select Size:50 x 85 cm
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  • High dirt reduction
  • Durable pile
  • Colour matching borders
  • Non-slip back
  • Non-slip back

Dirt Trap Mat "SKY Color" With Colour Coordinated Edge and Backing

The dirt trap mat "SKY Color" has it - that certain something! Where other entrance mats have a black border, this elegant dirt mat has a colour-coordinated rubber edge A feast for the eyes in every hallway or entrance.

SKY Color - the beautiful dirt trap mat with powerful cleaning power

A dirt-trapping mat should be able to do more than just please the eye. The high-quality pile made of polyamide does not tolerate any dirt on the soles of shoes and subjects the footwear to effective cleaning when crossing the mat. Everything gets to where it belongs - the dirt in the mat, the clean shoes in the premises. To ensure that the "SKY Color" dirt-trapping mat does its job in exactly the right place, it is equipped with a non-slip rubber backing This ensures that the mat lies firmly and crease-free on any surface.

Dirt-trapping mat SKY Color - Product features:

  • Material: polyamide
  • Backing: NBR rubber
  • Rubber edge in the same colour as the mat pile
  • Overall thickness: approx. 3.9 mm
  • Area weight: approx. 2072 g/m²
  • Pile layer thickness: approx. 2.19 mm
  • Available colours: Anthracite, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Brown, Yellow
  • Lightfastness (DIN EN ISO 105 B02): ≥ 5
  • Water fastness (DIN EN ISO 105 E01): ≥ 4
  • Rub fastness (DIN EN ISO 105 X12): ≥ 3 - 4

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