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Double-skin sheet set | Sera | 14-piece set of double-skin sheets & connectors | polycarbonate | thickness 4 mm | 60.5 x 121 cm

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  • Set of 14 twin-wall sheets & connectors
  • Easy & versatile processing
  • Weather-resistant
  • For gardening & modelling
  • Translucent
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The Sera double-skin panel set: high-quality solution for your greenhouse

The Sera twin-wall sheet set offers a high-quality and durable solution for your greenhouse needs. The set consists of a 14-piece set of twin-wall sheets that are specially designed for use in greenhouses.

Each of the 14 double-skin sheets is made of robust and transparent polycarbonate. This material is characterised by its high stability, resistance to weathering and UV resistance. As a result, the sheets are not only durable, but also offer optimum light transmission for your plants.

The twin-wall sheets have a length of 121 cm and a width of 60.5 cm, which makes them easy to handle and install. These dimensions make them ideal for covering and insulating greenhouses of various sizes.

In addition to the twin-wall sheets set, the package also contains 14 twin-wall sheet connectors. These connectors make installation easier and ensure a secure and stable connection between the individual panels, guaranteeing a tight and watertight seal.

Whether you are renovating an existing greenhouse or starting a new project, the Sera twin-wall sheet set offers you the perfect solution. It combines functionality, quality and aesthetics to provide your plants with an optimal living space.

Invest in the Sera double-wall sheet set and create an ideal environment for healthy plant growth in your greenhouse!

Sera twin-wall sheet set - Product features:

  • Set: 14 x twin-wall sheets, 14 x twin-wall sheet connectors
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Weight: c.a 800 g/m²
  • Light transmission: 85 %
  • Tensile strength: 60
  • High mouldability
  • Simple processing
  • Particularly popular with DIY enthusiasts for gardening and modelling

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