Entrance Mat Aluflex JR Rubber | 12 mm | Profile Rubber | UV-Resistant

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  • Available as custom cut
  • Extremely resistant and durable
  • Use: indoor and outdoor (roofed)
  • For insertion into recessed floor recesses
  • Non-slip aluminium profile mat with rubber inserts

Aluminum Profile Mat "Aluflex JR Rubber" - Custom-Made for Floor Recesses

In commercial entrance areas, there is usually a lot of traffic, which is why a particularly hard-wearing entrance mat is needed. The "Aluflex JR Rubber" aluminium profile mat meets this criterion due to its high performance and durability. Therefore, it is the ideal dirt trap for commercial entrance areas such as businesses, shopping centres, hotels or airports. The doormat, which is fitted with rubber inserts, is cut to fit precisely into any recess in the floor of the entrance area and can finally be inserted into the floor recess. Thanks to its slip-resistant surface texture, the aluminium doormat provides a safe surface and ensures optimum cleaning results with its ribbed rubber inserts.

The high-quality aluminium doormat consists of robust aluminium slats and a rigid plastic insert fitted with rubber slats. The ribbed rubber inserts effectively wipe off coarse dirt such as soil, sand or moisture from the soles of shoes. Interior areas remain clean and sensitive floor coverings are also protected from heavy wear. Due to its high dead weight, the aluminium doormat stays perfectly in place in the floor recess and does not form waves, which could otherwise become dangerous tripping hazards. The metal shoe scraper is available in a variable width and a variable length, each between 50 cm and 500 cm.

Please note that we deliver the customised entrance mats that exceed the 200x150 cm format as partial pieces, as the mats become too heavy to be moved by one person due to their weight.

As this product is a custom-made, returns are not possible.

Aluminium profile mat with rubber ribs - product features:

  • Material: aluminium, rubber, hard plastic
  • Surface structure: slats with rubber inserts
  • Custom sizes options:
    - Variable width (cm): 50 - 500
    - Variable length (cm): 50 - 500
  • Height: approx. 12 mm
  • Temperature resistant from -30°C to +70°C
  • Non-slip and extremely durable
  • For insertion into floor recesses
  • Can be rolled, easy removal from the floor recess
  • Accessible with castors (wheelchairs, walkers, suitcases)
  • Floor heating: suitable
  • Application area: indoor and covered outdoor areas

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Entrance mat, forerunner

We have tried a lot. But we have never had such a good quality. Looks great to keep clean and suck well. We are happy to have finally found something sensible. Also in the dimensions as we needed, 80*300 cm.

Floor mats

These are beautiful solid mats exactly a measure for 1 stage.
Is a great thing

Entrance mat

The entrance mat is easy to care for, functional and of good quality.

M. Snow, Grayan, France

Finally an outdoor fuss mat that frees all the soles of dirt and sand.
Perfect website perfect, precise product info, fast delivery, so internet shopping is fun! Many Thanks .

With very friendly greetings, Margit Snow

great doormat

For the hallway in the entrance area, we needed a mat that matches our floor tiles and have found it wonderfully with flodi. Beautiful colors and size selection, also with patterns and fits perfectly on the floor. Fast delivery and very good quality, we are very satisfied.