Heavy Duty Rubber Ring Rubber Mat (Octo Roll) | for Outdoor and Entrance Areas

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  • High quality industrial rubber compound
  • Withstands high loads
  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Drainage function thanks to honeycomb structure
  • Accessible - wheelchairs, trolleys, suitcases etc.

Heavy Duty Rubber Ring Mat - Multipurpose Matting

Octo-Roll heavy-duty mats are the top performers among ring rubber mats due to their rubber compound developed for the highest requirements and their innovative structure. They keep interiors clean even under extreme conditions, are practically indestructible and at the same time impress with their comfort underfoot. Given their high-performance potential, they are particularly suitable for heavily frequented entrance areas of shopping centres, for company and supplier entrances, schools or public authorities.

As soon as they are stepped on, the heavy-duty mats scrape dirt and liquids from the soles of shoes so that dirt particles cannot get into interior areas. In addition, the surface structure consisting of small octagonal holes has a whole range of other advantages. For example, the large number of holes ensures that liquids drain off the mat's top. The raised knobs on the underside of the rubber ring mats then ensure that water and other substances can flow freely away.

The mat's non-slip structure and high weight of almost 10 kg. per square metre, ensure it stays firmly in place once laid.

The heavy-duty mat is available in the dimensions 75 x 100 cm, 100 x 150 cm. It can be extended in length and width with the optionally available connectors

Heavy duty rubber ring mats (Octo Roll) - product features:

  • Material: Natural rubber compound
  • Structure: Open octagonal ring structure
  • Diameter rings: 14 mm
  • Thickness: approx. 13 mm
  • Weight: 10.3 kg/m²
  • Sizes: 75x100 cm, 100x150 cm
  • Compliant with EU standard for public entrance areas
  • REACH compliant
  • Hygiene certificate (Sanitary epidemiologic test): Certificate no.
  • Recyclable material

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Beautiful ring rubber mat

I always received the delivery from you in a perfect condition and on time. I am very satisfied with the quality. Keep it up!!