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Heavy Duty Rubber Ring Mat | Small Holes | Octagon Form (Octo Mat) | 13 mm

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  • High quality rubber compound
  • Very good drainage effect
  • Heavy duty dirt trap
  • No obstacle for rollers and wheels
  • Ideal for commercial use
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Rubber Ring Mat Octo-Roll With Small Holes

What is striking about the ring rubber mats Octo-Roll at first glance is their surface structure with the many small holes. A large number of holes has the advantage that liquids and small dirt particles drain off immediately while the top surface remains dry.

The high-quality natural rubber is not only robust and weather-resistant but also extremely slip-resistant on both the front and the back. This ensures the mat stays firmly in place and does not move once laid. The anti-fatigue cushioning properties also make it extremely pleasant to walk on. The small diameter of the holes also allows for sufficient wheel access, ensuring prams and wheelchairs can cross with ease.

Due to their high performance, Octo-Roll ring rubber mats are just as suitable for heavily frequented entrance areas of shops or larger residential units as they are for public areas and leisure facilities. For production and transport reasons and for easier handling on site, the maximum size of a single mat is 100x500 cm. Larger sizes are supplied in several sections, which can be firmly joined together using the connectors supplied free of charge.

The Octo-Roll ring rubber mats in standard sizes can be easily linked together to form a fixed unit using the corresponding connectors.

Ring rubber mats "Octo Roll" - Product features:

  • Material: Natural rubber compound
  • Structure: Open octagonal ring structure
  • Diameter of rings: 14 mm
  • Thickness: approx. 13 mm
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg/m²
  • Size: 75x100 cm, 100x150 cm or cut to size (60-200x50-1000 cm)
  • Slip resistance: tested according to DIN 51130, BGR 181
  • Compliant with EU standard for public entrance areas
  • REACH-compliant
  • Fire behaviour tested according to DIN EN 13501-01
  • Recyclable material

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Super quality , Super price

Hold safely on tiles, even when wet. Easy to lay and clean. Usable besides effect .... the dishes stay completely =)

Arno Schneider
Everything is fine, thank you!!!

Everything is fine, thank you !!!

Delivery of ring rubber mats

Everything delivered as ordered

Your mother
Ring rubber mats

Delivery over the holidays was ok with 12 days. You can never forget any telephone customer service. Only email is ruled

Super quality!

The ring rubber mat with the small holes has proven to be an extremely efficient and practical product in its function as a non -slip pad on the wooden entrance bridge of our house in order to rule out any accident risks. An all -round clean thing at an absolutely fair price.