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Heavy Duty Shelving | Wide Boltless Racking System | Blue-Orange | Garage & Workshop | Max. Load: up to 1600 kg.

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£169.00 incl. VAT
4 x 9,99 € = 39,96 €

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  • Professional shelf: 1200 kg load capacity
  • Plug-in system assembly
  • 4 stable shelves
  • Extra wide
  • Stable
Product details

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Board Marker Sets in Various Colours

With the board markers from Office Marshal, both whiteboards and flipcharts can be written on precisely and cleanly. The durable dry wipe markers have a line width of 1.5 - 3 millimetres and a high opacity. The quality board markers are available in sets of 10 in various colours or - ideal as initial equipment - as a mixed-colour set.

Board marker sets - product features:

  • Brand: Office Marshal
  • Type of marker: Non-permanent (whiteboard suitability)
  • Available colour sets: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Mixed
  • Lead: Round tip
  • 1.5 - 3 mm line width
  • Cleaning: can be wiped off dry and damp

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Super handling

The processing of the order was great.

Peter L.

The shelf convinces me of both material processing and stability. The structure went without any problems. Thanks

Great wide span shelving

A great product at the great price/performance ratio. Great order processing, always happy!

Reasonable shelves, easy to assemble

Great shelves, easy structure
Shipping status unfortunately not controllable
Color blue/orange delivered blue
Otherwise everything io

Wide span shelving

Regal can be set up without a trial, stands well and really gives away something.