Kitchen Runner Genoa | Vinyl Hallway Rug | Non-slip | Easy Care | Customised Size

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  • Free of harmful substances
  • Easy to clean
  • Flame retardant
  • No fading
  • Impervious to water

Vinyl Kitchen Runner "Genoa" - in Custom Size

Thanks to its design, the "Genoa" vinyl kitchen runner is ready for almost any situation. It is not only a practical companion in the kitchen but can also be used in the hallway, living room or outdoors on the balcony or terrace. The robust materials provide all kinds of advantages. For example, this results in properties such as UV resistance, water impermeability, fire resistance and more. Therefore, the carpet runners are ideal for warm, wet or humid and heavily used places, such as the kitchen.

The modern and simple design of the carpet runners matches almost any kitchen. As the kitchen runners are firmly woven, kitchen trolleys with castors can be rolled on them without any problems. In addition, the processing of the materials also ensures a certain anti-slip effect. Should liquids such as water or grease land on your carpet runner in the kitchen, you are guaranteed a firm footing at all times.

A standard hoover is sufficient for cleaning the "Genoa" carpet runner when used in the kitchen. An appropriate cleaning agent can be used with a damp cloth for heavier soiling, such as grease. Since the carpet runners, especially for the kitchen, have an antibacterial effect and do not allow any liquids to get inside the carpet, the formation of mould or the like can be virtually ruled out.

Carpet runner kitchen "Genoa" - Product features:

  • Material top side: 70% vinyl, 30% polyester
  • Material bottom side: PVC
  • Widths: 60 cm, 90 cm, 180 cm
  • Length: up to 1000 cm
  • Weight: 3-3.5 kg/m²
  • Thickness: 2.5-3 mm
  • Durability:

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Maste carpet for the kitchen

Everything was delivered to our satisfaction. We also find the payment mode after delivery very well.