Coconut Felt Mat | Cold Protection For Plants | Floor covering and padding material | Biodegradable | 1 x 1 m

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  • Ideal for overwintering cold-sensitive plants
  • Ground covering set & cushioning material
  • Can be cut to size as required
  • Environmentally and soil-friendly
  • Easy to install

Coconut felt mat: Natural protection against the cold for plants

In the world of ecological gardening, the coconut felt mat is becoming increasingly popular. This biodegradable mat not only offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional protective materials, but also impresses with its versatile applications in the garden. With a sustainable approach and thoughtful design, this mat protects your plants from the cold while offering an adaptable solution for different growing scenarios.

With our coconut matting, you have found the right, environmentally friendly solution. With a thickness of 5-15 mm, it not only guarantees weather resistance, but also effective water absorption. In addition to the garden area, this mat can also be used as cushioning material or a base for small animals. The robust material of the product makes it a long-lasting companion for various areas of application.

Versatile and aesthetically pleasing

Laying this mat is easy, as it can be cut to any size (starting size: 1 x 1 m), allowing flexible adaptation to different garden conditions and plant types. Whether you want to use it for vegetable beds, flower borders or potted plants, the coconut fibre mat can be easily cut to the desired shape and size. Made from 100% renewable raw materials, this product is environmentally friendly and soil-friendly.

To summarise, the coconut felt mat offers an environmentally friendly, versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for protecting plants from the cold. Its biodegradability, ease of cutting and positive impact on the soil make it a first-class choice for anyone looking for sustainable and effective garden solutions.

Coconut Felt Mat – Product features:

  • Also suitable as padding material & substrate for small animals
  • Winter protection for plants and potted plants
  • Ideal medium for plant growth
  • Material: coconut fibres/latex
  • Environmentally and soil friendly
  • Made from 100% renewable raw materials
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 m
  • Thickness: 5-15 mm
  • Weight: 650 g/m²
  • Can be cut to any size
  • Durable natural product
  • Weather resistant
  • Good water absorption
  • Easy to lay

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