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Metal Entrance Mat | Select Mat Ribbed | Textile Ribbed

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£54.99 incl. VAT
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  • Sturdy aluminium profile door mat
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Sloping leading edge on the front
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to clean: vacuum or hose down
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Metal Entrance Mat "Select Mat Ribbed" with Textile Cleaning Ribs

"Select Mat Ribbed" is a metal entrance mat which provides a long-lasting solution for any entrance area. The mats are also suitable for outdoor settings with all weather-resistant, absorbent ribs. Optically, the particularly insensitive cleaning fibres also form a beautiful contrast to the aluminium elements.

Made from durable aluminium, the entrance mat ensures thorough cleaning of the soles of your shoes. Thanks to its material mix and the arrangement of aluminium elements and ribbed coarse fibres, both moisture and dirt can be trapped and held in place.

Cleaning the doormats is quick and straightforward. Fine particles can be removed very quickly with a hoover or a hand brush. Alternatively, it can also be cleaned with a water jet and then air-dried.

The aluminium frame is bevelled at the front, which is why tripping is prevented. The ribbed surface offers optimal sure-footedness even in bad weather conditions and prevents skidding or slipping off.

Foot mat stainless steel - Product features:

  • Material: aluminium, polypropylene
  • Surface structure: robust coarse fibre ribbed inlay strips made of polypropylene
  • Bottom: anti-slip and sound-reducing PE foam
  • Height: approx. 12 mm
  • Weight: approx. 7.5 kg / m²
  • Tarnished edge: front side
  • Colours: Anthracite with aluminium elements
  • Sizes (cm): 42x60, 50x80
  • Properties: rust-free, weather- and UV-resistant
  • Application area: indoor as well as covered outdoor areas
  • Floor heating: suitable
  • Style: elegant, functional design