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Needle Punch Carpet | Destiny | Office and Commercial Floor Covering

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Select Colour:Beige
Select Width:200 cm
Sale price£13.99incl. VAT
In stock
Fast shipping
  • Resilient needle felt covering
  • GUT certificate
  • Easy installation
  • Temperature resistant, cold insulating
  • Many colours available

Needle Punch Carpet in Custom Cut Lengths "Destiny"

Are you looking for a resilient, impact sound-absorbing floor covering for your office or other frequented premises? Then the "Destiny" needle punch carpet available in custom-cut lengths in the right choice.

The "Destiny" needle punch in custom size made of robust polypropylene fibre is a very resistant and resilient floor covering that is durable and easy to clean. Due to the material, the needle punch carpet is moisture-repellent, meaning liquids won't absorb or cause stains.

As a rule, it is sufficient to vacuum. Very stubborn stains can be treated with a soft cloth and a cleaning agent for synthetic fibres.

Needle punch carpet in custom size "Destiny" - Product features:

  • Material: polypropylene / needle felt carpet velour on felt backing
  • Thickness: c.a 4 mm
  • Width: 2 m
  • Length: made to measure
  • Weight: 1200 g/m²
  • Pile weight 520 g/m²
  • Certification: GUT certificate (F8FC7667)
  • Fire behaviour: Efl
  • Cleaning: hoover or cleaning agent for synthetic fibres
  • Properties: cold insulating, impact sound insulating, temperature resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sina DV
Very good to work with

I have processed 2 different felt in the car within the last 4 weeks. There were clear price differences. To the one bought here:
The felt makes a very good impression. The feel is good. It is very easy to process and can be easily forgiven in all directions. What I liked is that he has two minimally different sides. One side is a bit softer and it was laid towards the interior. There is one point withdrawal because it smells something chemically. I think the smell pulls out in the long term. Otherwise I would always prefer this felt, the significantly more expensive one.


Super product can be processed very well

Good foils

Purchase processing and delivery, even with a large number, was great!

In some cases, the film was not all 100% the same size, there were deviations of up to 10 cm plus the metal ring of the eyelets in rare cases.

Otherwise the product was good as expected!

Karin from Nuremberg
Carpet Destiny

Delivery was fast color is very nice -Anthracite lighter than I expected only the edges could be straight otherwise everything is ok

Carpet made to measure

I have now bought the 2nd time to measure. I'm very satisfied with the selection, the quality, the fast delivery. I can recommend it at any time.