Outdoor Stair Tread Mats | Anti-slip Rubber Step Mat | Madras

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  • Weatherproof in all weathers
  • Easy cleaning
  • With anti-slip ribbed surface
  • Protected steps due to edge protection
  • Long durability and low abrasion

Outdoor Rubber Step Mats "Madras"

Robust and hard-wearing in snow and rain - the "Madras" outdoor step mats protect your stairs and also ensure a safer footing when walking on the steps. The ribbed surface of the rubber step mat also has an anti-slip effect and ensures water drainage when wet. To attach the rubber step mats, we recommend that you drill them, glue them down with the appropriate adhesive strips or attach them with cable ties. Please make sure that the rubber step mats are firmly attached to the steps. The step mat has a slight overhang that protects the edge and provides further anti-slip protection.

The step mat is also particularly suitable for outdoor areas heavily exposed to dirt and moisture. For cleaning it is best to use broom for coarse dirt, and wet cloth for dust and debris. A cleaning agent suitable for rubber can also be used.

Outdoor step mats - product features:

  • Material: rubber
  • Dimensions (cm): 25x65, 25x75
  • Edge (lip): 25 mm
  • Height incl. profile. Profile: 7.5 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Surface structure: ribbed profile
  • Backing: rubber
  • Assembly: adhesive strip with protective film
  • Application: indoor and outdoor
  • Weatherproof

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Outdoor step mats

Super quality and quick delivery

G. Roglin
Step mats | Madras | Rubber | with chequer plate structure

The mats do the task very well for which I have ordered them: to reduce the risk of slipping in the wet and especially when the wet is freely wet. However, it was a little time -consuming to remove the paper cover of the adhesive strips because the paper tore constantly and was hardly tangible. However, the company has shown itself very cooperatively and promised to counteract this problem in the future.

Manfred Spreuer
Rubber stair mats

Fast delivery, double -sided adhesive tape could be better processed.

Evelyn Wurzinger
Customer service

It worked great with delivery, etc. Unfortunately, 2 different models were with this delivery although only Madras ordered. I wanted to reorder it now and now the size is no longer available. Unfortunately, this error came up too late because we have only laid it now because my husband had broken hand. To a. Mail because of this error I asked if they covered the freight costs for the new stamp because the mistake on their part happened. There was a no ... no excuse or any accommodation. Therefore, there are no full points. Product is great but the customer service is moderate

Evelyn Wurzinger
Rubber mat stairs outside area

Very satisfied and easy to move. In principle, adhesive tape holds well. Nevertheless, it is advisable to attach. Fast delivery overall very satisfied and inexpensive solution
LG Evelyn