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Pontiac Rubber Puzzle Stable Mat | Horse Stable Floor | Water Resistant Floor Mat | 122 x 182 cm | 2 Designs

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  • Puzzle rubber stable mats
  • Easy to lay & non-slip
  • Boxes, stable aisles, washing areas, paths...
  • Relief of joints + good grip
  • With two-sided or four-sided interlocking
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Pontiac Rubber Puzzle Stable Mat

Introducing the Pontiac Rubber Puzzle Stable Mat – your farm's ultimate flooring solution, available in two-sided or four-sided interlocking options. Crafted from a blend of 80% recycled rubber and 20% natural rubber, these durable mats offer exceptional functionality for your stable needs.

Versatile Interlocking Design:

Tailor your stable setup with the choice of two-sided or four-sided interlocking connections. Experience both comfort and safety in your stable environment. The superior slip-resistant properties of these mats make them ideal for horse stalls, stable aisles, and walkways for horses or cows.

Effortless Installation with Jigsaw Joints:

Discover the convenience of our practical jigsaw joints, making installation and connection a breeze. Each mat boasts generous dimensions of 122 x 182 cm, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Seamlessly join the mats for a smooth and secure fit. The versatile interlocking design streamlines the installation process, eliminating the need for extra tools. This adaptability makes these puzzle stable mats suitable for various stall sizes and desired spaces.

Weather-Resistant and Easy to Maintain:

Crafted with waterproof rubber, these mats are built to withstand the elements. Their temperature resistance ranges from -20°C to +80°C, allowing for both indoor and outdoor use. The impermeable rubber construction simplifies maintenance – urine-soaked litter can be effortlessly swept away with a broom. For more stubborn dirt, a simple water cleaning is all it takes to restore the mats' cleanliness.


Pontiac rubber puzzle stable mat - Product features:

  • Material: 80% recycled rubber & 20% natural rubber.
  • Available in 2 versions: with two-sided interlocking, with four-sided interlocking
  • Dimensions: 122 x 182 cm
  • Density: 1.35g/cm³
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Thickness: 17 mm
  • Elongation strength: 4,5-5,0 Mpa
  • Hardness grade: 65+/-5A
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C to +80°C
  • Water resistant
  • Non-slip surface structure

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