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Interlocking Rubber Mat Tile | Plug-in System | Size: 92x92 cm | Diamond Structure

£27.99 incl. VAT
4 x 9,99 € = 39,96 €

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  • Ergonomic work
  • Cold insulating
  • Temperature resistant
  • Underside with drainage
  • Individual sizes possible through plug-in connections
Product details

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Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles - Heavy Duty Workplace Flooring

Made from durable rubber in a size of 92 x 92 cm, these interlocking floor times can be used to cover any size commercial or industrial area. Thanks to the interlocking edging, these mats can be conveniently connected without the use of tools or surface adhesives.

Anti-fatigue, anti-slip, ergonomic, trafficable, cold insulation, cold and heat resistance are just a few of the benefits these interlocking tiles have to offer.

The assembly of the rubber panels:

Each rubber floor tile is finished with plug-in connectors around all four sides. Two sides provide female connection, while two sides provide male. To install the mats, simply lay them side by side and press the surface to fix them together. In addition, you can also purchase bevelled edging which can be used on the mat's edge to allow for wheel access. If necessary, the mats can be taken apart again and reassembled elsewhere.

The benefits of rubber floor mats:

Generally, workplace and industrial flooring is hard and after long periods of walking or standing, can cause a strain on the spine, joints and feet. After a short time of work, hard floors can increase fatigue and stress on the body. These mats ensure support and comfort in areas where prolonged standing is expected. When moving on the elastic rubber mats, blood circulation is stimulated, and the joints and spine are relieved. This not only provides positive effects to workers but also on the overall productivity of your business. The rubber mats also insulate against the cold and have a sound dampening effect. When used outdoors, the mats are resistant to water, snow, and heat up to 70°C.

With a thickness of 13 mm, wheeled carts, storage trolleys and vehicles have no issues with access. Whether in the garage at home, production plants or workshop area, loads from trolleys have no issue.

Homogeneous, non-porous surface:

The rubber coating protects floors against oil contamination and contamination by other, possibly aggressive substances.

Cleaning rubber floor mats:

Due to the high-strength rubber, these mats can be jet washed with water, and cleaned with soap solution if necessary. For general day-to-day maintenance, a once-over with a broom is usually sufficient.

Detailed overview - Rubber workstation mats / floor mats:

  • Material: 100% rubber
  • Plate size: 92 x 92 cm connectors
  • Surface: closed smooth, textureless
  • Edges: slanted finish with matching edge profiles
  • Colour: black
  • Thickness: approx. 13 mm
  • Density grs/cm³: 1.5
  • Hardness ° Shore A /- 5° (DIN 53519): 55
  • Tensile strength: MPa (DIN 53504: 4
  • Elongation at break %: 300
  • Temperature resistance °C: -30/ 70

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Almost satisfied

Goods are of good quality. The cuts of the plug -in systems were sometimes slightly unclean on the edges, so that I had to help with the cutter knife. The packaging was also not ideal, since the boxes were torn open when delivered (goods were undamaged) processing the order and delivery were quickly carried out. When ordering the second order, I found it strange that the purchase on account was initially promised (as with the 1st order), but then suddenly switched to prepayment by the service team due to an internal filter system. The goods were then delivered without any problems after preliminary cash output (packaging was opened again).
Overall, I am satisfied with the product after a few days of 'use'.

Fast shipping Good product

The rubber lidge I ordered corresponds to the
Description and was in my house after a short time


The article corresponds to expectations. The only shortcoming is that the places for collecting are always completely perfect, which creates unevenness of 1 to 2 mm. But that is rather a little thing.

Bilfinger R&M Expansion Mannheim GmbH
Order rubber mat

Everything went very well from the order for processing. Goods were sent promptly

Client 1
Very good performance

I bought a rubber floor there.
The delivery and the price -performance ratio were very good.
Even the smaller problems with the song service was taken care of, so that everyone was very fast delivery.