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Waterproof Lattice Tarpaulin | Leno | Tear Resistant | With Eyelets | 140 g/m²

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£10.99 incl. VAT
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  • Water repellent and tear resistant
  • Multifunctional use
  • Reliable protection against dirt and moisture
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Fitted with rustproof metal eyelets along the edges
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Multifunctional Waterproof Lattice Tarpaulin Cover "Leno"

The diverse waterproof lattice tarpaulin reliably protects against moisture and dirt and can be used as a cover for various purposes. The tarpaulin cover is suitable as protection for cars, boats, trailers and wooden supplies but also for covering greenhouses, plant beds, sandboxes and garden furniture. The protective tarp can also be attached and tightened by the metal eyelet on the edge.

Multifunctional Lattice Tarpaulin "Leno" Water-repellent and Tearproof

With a bilateral polyethene coating, the tarpaulin cover ensures a stable and tear-resistant nature and thus optimally protects wet and dirt-sensitive objects. The tarpaulin cover is available in 2 colours and 11 different sizes for each purpose.

Lattice Tarpaulin Cover Properties:

  • Material: High density polyethene fabric, polyethylene coating
  • Weight: 140 g/m²
  • Dimensions: 2x3 m, 3x4 m, 3x5 m, 4x6 m, 1.5x6 m, 6x8 m, 6x10 m, 8x10 m, 8x12 m, 8x14 m, 10x12 m, 10x15 m
  • Rustproof metal eyelet along the edges
  • With robust edging and reinforced
  • Bilateral polyethene coating, in between polyethylene tissue layer
  • Waterproof, tearproof
  • Versatile

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