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Wool Rug Carpet Floor Mat | Nelson | 100% Natural Fibre | Anti-slip Back | Customised Size

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Select Colour:White 69
Select Width:66 cm
Sale price£10.99incl. VAT
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  • Made from 100% natural wool
  • Anti-slip textile back
  • Individual production
  • woven all around
  • Suitable for all living areas

100% Natural Wool Rugs In Customised Size

Our "Nelson" wool rug impresses with its simplicity and natural durability. Each woollen rug is manufactured according to your requirements, making each rug a ture one-of-a-kind piece. The rug pile, made from 100% wool fibres is soft to touch and provides natural sound and heat insulating properties. Available in a range of soft and unobtrusive colours, you can be sure to find an option perfect for your home.

Long durability and easy care

Thanks to their durable structure, these woollen rugs provide lasting performance wherever they are placed. Equipped with a high quality textile backing and durably woven edges, the carpets are protected against fraying and deformation. With suitable cleaning agents, the carpet can be cleaned quickly and easily in the event of soiling.

The carpets are available as custom-made cuts in six widths and in your individual desired length.

Wool Carpet Rug Nelson - Product Features:

  • Material: 100% wool
  • Backing: Textile back
  • Total weight: 1800 g/m²
  • Total height: 7 mm
  • Nap count: 43175/m²
  • Fire behaviour: Cfl-S1
  • Use class 23 (private, heavy use)
  • Indoor Air Comfort Certified Product